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How might the visitor economy be used to address the challenges facing the Flinders Island community? If you are curious, come along to one or all of the workshops below and find out how we can work together.  

Community projects &
business ideas accelerator

Following on from the workshops held In April, we are launching a series of information sessions. It's a pre-accelerator program where you can learn all you need to know, and what's involved in the accelerator stage of the Islander Way project.

What is a pre-accelerator?

The pre-accelerator is a series of workshops where you will find out everything you need to know to about how to develop your community-led project or business idea using regenerative principles. It's an opportunity to learn, discuss, form teams, and crystalise ideas. You may choose to move to the next stage, the accelerator, or step back and continue at a later date. There is no obligation, other than to come along ready to learn and invest in your community's future.


What is an accelerator?

The accelerator program follows on from the pre-accelerator and will provide mentorship, advice and other support to help the development of stable, self-sufficient businesses within a wider business ecosystem. We encourage working in teams because the 'we' is more powerful in generating positive change than the 'me'. The themes are loosely defined from the earlier workshops, and broad enough for anyone interested in finding their place.


The accelerator program is delivered via small group coaching sessions based on the application of the information delivered during the pre-accelerator program.

Who can attend?

The pre-accelerator sessions are open to anyone who is interested in participating and learning how to develop a purpose-led business idea. You don't need to have a specific idea, just an interest in community-led projects and business initiatives.

Participation in the accelerator program that follows will be limited to project groups selected from a community 'pitch and celebrate' event to be held in the week commencing 26th July. Preference will be given to groups in order to accelerate systems change. Don't worry though, in the pre-accelerator, we will give you all the information to help you prepare for this event.


Who is the facilitator?

The sessions will be facilitated by Roberto Daniele of the Changemakers' Lab. If you haven't already met Roberto, you can find out more about him HERE.


When are the sessions?

There was general feeling among workshop participants that an evening timeslot would suit most people. While the day and dates are fixed (see below) we would like to find out what time suits the community best. We will go with what timeslot suits the majority: 5:00-7:00 OR 7:00-9:00 pm. When you sign up you can indicate your preference.

What is involved in the sessions?

The sessions below will be delivered by Zoom. You will be given access to an online community space on the Islander Way website where you can share resources and collaborate. We will also use Miro, an online whiteboard we use to collaborate. But don't worry, we will introduce all these tools!

What you will gain?

Participation brings its own rewards. Even if you don't have an idea, you can still learn, participate in the discussions, be inspired and gain confidence. The Island's economic, social and environmental future relies on working together.​

What happens if I can't attend?

We recommend participating in the live sessions. However, recordings will be available for viewing at a later date. 

Interested? Sign up below to receive more information.

Have a question? Send us an email.

(If you have already indicated an interest, we will confirm your interest by email.)

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Workshop 1 Wednesday 25th May -  5:00-7:00pm


Introduction to the pre-accelerator, feedback on community consultation and finalise/agree on thematic areas: Food Security; Waste/Circular Economy; Housing; Community services; and Tourism, hosting and visitor management.

Workshop 2 - Wednesday 1st June - 5:00-7:00pm


Why work as a team? Team formation, team building, collaboration


Workshop 3 - Wednesday 8th June - 5:00-7:00pm


Systems/issues mapping, asset mapping

Workshop 4 - Week starting 21st June -  dates and times to be confirmed


Business model canvas + Ask Me Anything (2 sessions)

Workshop 5 - Wednesday 6th July - 5:00-7:00pm


Financing your business projects, grants, crowdfunding, angel investors, sweat equity and more.


Workshop 6 - Wednesday 13th July - 5:00-7:00pm


Pitch your idea and storytelling


Presentation and Award Day Week -  dates and times to be confirmed

Week starting 26th July + Ask Me Anything Session 

A half day session for community to present, vote on and celebrate projects moving forward to next stage.

If you have registered, you will receive an email invitation inviting you to log in to our community circle. 

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