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The project adopts an innovative emergent approach to the development and management of the project. This approach combines deep listening, understanding, sense-making, addressing the needs of the community, and responding to emerging issues. Step-by-step reflection and iteration of project goals and outcomes are guided by community values and aspirations. The project champions group provide regular monthly guidance. These are active and passionate community members who understand, live, and experience the regenerative power of Flinders Island every day.


Beginnings 2021

Flinders Council, FIBI, Brand Tasmania co-create with representatives from the community, The Islander Way, the story of Flinders Island

The collective unanimously agree to explore the possibility of a regenerative tourism approach for Flinders Island

Oct-Dec 2021

Community engagement

First round of community engagement including community launch, group meetings, one-on-one interviews, impromptu conversations and coffee chats, postcard feedback, feedback form on website, and online community survey

Identification of key issues

Set up the governance framework for the project

Establish project website as a community-facing website for the project

Jan-March 2022

Deepen engagement

Second round of community engagement

Vision for the future of tourism

Background research and communication on website

Identification of community-led projects

Local stories podcast pilot

Engage international expert community

April-June 2022

Project identification

Identification of sub-projects

Background research communicated through blog posts

Council and community workshops

Potential project pitch event

June-Nov 2022

Accelerator program

Accelerator program for community and business projects

Visit Northern Tasmania collaboration

Council and community workshops

Sub-project documentation and sharing via website

State government advocacy and liaison

Mar-June 2023

Project finalisation

Project handover

Community event and launch

Nov-Mar 2023

Project legacy & leadership

Legacy and leadership -  the future of the project


Website 2.0 future-facing website

Project evaluation

Amplification -  share project learnings, insights and strategies

October 2021

Project launch

The project for a regenerative tourism living lab receives funding from the Department of State Growth

Council approves project early 8th October 2021

Community launch of project 8th October 2021

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