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Podcast & Videos

The seven-part podcast series provides personal perspectives from different islanders about what makes Flinders Island special to them, and their vision for a flourishing or thriving Flinders Island.

The series is created and hosted by Debbie Clarke and Josie Major from GOOD Awaits, the NZ regenerative tourism podcast. You can listen to each episode here, download to listen later, or download the podcast transcripts.


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Founder and Director, The Tourism CoLab &  Designing Tourism

Dianne Dredge introduces the Islander Way regenerative tourism project

In the first episode Debbie and Josie speak with Dianne Dredge from Designing Tourism and The Tourism CoLab about delivering this ambitious project. Dianne describes the unique approach taken to consultation by the Islander Way project, the social and economic catalyst for the project, and the directions emerging from the consultation. Read more about what Dianne's learned about empowering places that seek a different relationship from tourism so far ...



Peter Rhodes 

Councillor, contrarian & proponent of Furneaux Maritime History Centre

The second best place to live!

Peter Rhodes talks about why Flinders Island is the second best place in the world! Born on the Island, Peter has a love of maritime history which has seen him spearhead plans for the Furneaux Maritime History Centre at Lady Barron on Flinders Island. As a Councillor on Flinders Council, Peter understands the value of community engagement and believes the Islander Way project is important in enabling residents to determine the future of tourism and other related issues on this small island in the middle of Bass Strait.

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Annie Revie

Former Mayor of Flinders Council & Educator

Don't try to change this place, let it change you

Former Mayor of Flinders Council, educator and always the Scot, Annie Revie, talks about the dark history of Flinders Island and her decision to make the beautiful small island her home. Annie talks about the Islanders' strong sense of belonging, and aligning tourism with community values where there would be a host/guest relationship between visitors and the community .... "it's like you're inviting people into your home. You know that they will value it, you know, that they will not trash it, you know, that they'll offer to do the dishes and that kind of thing. And we need people to participate in our island like that."

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Lois Ireland

Owner/operator Bowman's General Store & third generation Islander

As the third generation of the Bowman family to own and run the general store, Lois Ireland shares her unique perspective on Flinders Island. Lois reflects on the "pull of the muttonbird" that has drawn her and others back to live on the small Island in Bass Strait. Lois describes the sort of visitor she’d like to see on the Island, as... "more like your family visitor than a tourist who just comes and takes the last fish." Lois talks about the inevitability of change and the need for the community to embrace change, to shape the future of the Island, to control their own future, and guide government decisions.

Mel Telfer

Mel Telfer

Maker, force behind The Purple Swamphen, & multi-tasker extraordinaire 

Mel Telfer talks about the multiple roles she fills on the Island and how they provide opportunities to feel purpose,  structure and function in her life.  Mel talks about her connection to the Island community, and the honour she feels to serve in her varied roles. We are still searching for the word that encapsulates that feeling!

Mel reflects on her ideal visitor to the Island, how they come, "not expecting coffee on every corner,"... and appreciating the "limitations of the island, the rhythm of boat day and understanding that they're on a Monday there's not going to be heaps in the supermarket. But on Wednesday, it'd be fully stocked. So if visitors come here, aware of that, and prepared, then I think they have a much better time than if they come here expecting or the city mod cons."


Ben Backhaus

Owner, Bush Pharmacy native oil distiller

Photo: The Flinders Wharf

& Adam Gibson

You can almost smell the aromas as Ben Backhaus describes the range of oils he distills at his family business, Bush Pharmacy. Ben attributes the unique properties of the oils to the geographic isolation of the Island created by the separation of the land bridge that once connected Flinders Island to the Australian mainland. 

Tourism has a future on the Island according to Ben, but he also recognises the strong ownership Islanders feel towards their home and their desire to share it with people who come to visit, who appreciate and respect the Island as much as locals do.



Wendy Jubb-Stoney

Owner, Flinders Island Retreat  

In the final episode of Season 1, Debbie and Josie speak with Wendy Jubb-Stoney who owns and operates Flinders Island Retreat.  Wendy talks about her childhood on Flinders Island and her deep attachment to the Furneaux islands.

Returning to Flinders Island after years away, Wendy brings together her experience in food and hospitality, and her strong connection to the Island, to create a special guesthouse and cooking school at Cooma House.  You can almost taste the flavours as Wendy describes the fruit and vegetables she lovingly grows and then harvests from her kitchen garden at Badger Corner.

Wendy takes genuine pleasure in hosting guests and sharing the stories of her island home. She recommends that visitors bring a good coat and hat, and a sturdy pair of boots. Wendy reflects on the importance of visitors understanding that "they are coming to a place that is remote. That is beautiful because it is remote. "

How the Islander Way project began

Mayor Annie Revie shares how, through a collaboration with Brand Tasmania and FIBI (Flinders Island Business Inc.), the Flinders Island brand story was developed.

The story of Flinders Island

Mayor Annie Revie reads the story of the The Islander Way. This story was developed in consultation between Brand Tasmania, Flinders Island Business Inc (FIBI), and the community.

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